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emuNAND - neek2o

emuNAND is the term used for a few different consoles, including (but not limited to): Wii, 3DS / 3DSXL / 2DS / new 3DS / new 3DSXL / new 2DS, WiiU, and Switch.

emuNAND is the way of redirecting the internal storage of a console over to a different storage medium. In the case of the Wii, it can be to either to an SD card or USB hard drive. The main use of emuNAND for the Wii is to have your channels (WAD files) installed on to your storage device of choice, instead of limiting you to the 500MB of internal storage on your console.

The main benefit of using emuNAND over the SD card menu on the Wii is that it is not tied to the console. You can take your storage medium and put it in to another homebrew enabled console and boot in it. All of your saves (from WiiWare and Virtual Console games) are also kept within the emuNAND environment.

Building the emuNAND

  1. Download and launch ModMii. - If you get an error when launching modmii.exe, look in the support/ sub-folder and launch modmii.bat
  2. Type I Agree and press enter.
  3. Type O and press enter to enter the options screen. - Find the n2o line. It should display (Enabled) at the end of the line. If not, type n2o then enter. - Find the SSD line. It should display (Disabled) at the end of the line. If not, type SSD then enter. - Press S and then enter to save settings, then M and press enter to go back to the main screen
  4. Type S and enter to go to sneek creation menu.
  5. If you’ve Type 3 and enter to both set up / install SNEEK as well as create your emulated NAND.
  6. Type 1 and enter to choose the newest version of neek2o.
  7. Type S and enter. We just need to create it for SD use, as USB Loader GX doesn’t need disc emulation.
  8. When it asks you where to save the files, don’t enter anything, just press enter and it will be saved to the COPY_TO_SD and COPY_TO_USB folders in the ModMii folder.
  9. Enter in the correct region code for your system, and press enter. If you don’t select the same region, you will need to either have a different Wiimote set up for the emuNAND or sync up your Wiimote every time.
  10. Enter in 4.3 and press enter. There is really no reason to go with 4.1 or 4.2.
  11. It is your choice on if you’d like to install Post Loader on to your emuNAND.
  12. Press N and enter. cIOS249 is not needed right now.
  13. Press N and enter. NMM is useless.
  14. Press N and enter. Priiloader can cause it to not load.
  15. Press N and enter. WiiFlow Forwarder Channel is not needed.
  16. Enter the serial number for your Wii (it’s on the bottom of the unit).
  17. Press N and enter. Menu themes aren’t for game loaders.
  18. Press N and enter. You don’t need any of the normally built in channels.
  19. Add any WAD files that you’d like installed to the <modmii>\temp\WAD folder. They will install during the build step.
  20. Press Y and enter to start the build process.
  21. Copy the files COPY_TO_SD on to your SD card.

Setting up your new emuNAND in USB Loader GX

  1. WIP (next up)