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How to fix System Update error 32004 or no updates found - the complete guide

Another pretty common issue.

A lot of times, people try to do a System Update on their Wii, and they either get error 32004, or the update goes through, but they’re still not on 4.3. This issue can be fixed!

What causes this issue

This issue is caused by someone who had modded the Wii in the past, whether it was you or someone else, and installed a System Menu with a revision number higher than 4.3’s revision number. Thus, when the Wii tries to update, it thinks it’s already on the latest System Menu.

How do you fix this

The fix is pretty simple. You just have to install a stock System Menu WAD, and then you’ll be able to update.

What you’ll need

  • A softmodded Wii with an internet connection
  • An SD card or USB drive
  • A PC running Windows that is connected to the internet and can transfer files to a SD card or USB drive
  • NUS Downloader (this is a Windows program, extract it on your Windows PC to a location you can remember)
  • WiiMod Lite (this is a Wii app, extract it to the apps folder on your SD card or USB drive)


  1. Open NUS Downloader
  2. Navigate to Database > System > System Menu > (the version and region of System Menu you are stuck on, for example, if you were trying to update from 4.1U to 4.3U, select 4.1U)
  3. Ensure the Pack WAD option at the bottom is checked
  4. Start NUS Download
  5. When the download is complete, close NUS Downloader
  6. Navigate to the folder where you extracted NUS Downloader. There will be a folder called titles. Open it.
  7. Inside titles, open 0000000100000002. Then, open the next subfolder. You will find a WAD inside.
  8. Move the WAD to a folder named wads on your SD card or USB drive
  9. Eject the SD card or USB drive from your computer and insert it into your Wii
  10. On your Wii, open the Homebrew Channel and open Wii Mod Lite
  11. Use the WAD Manager to install the System Menu WAD
  12. When done, exit
  13. Now, you can run a System Update. It should work this time
  14. When done, go through again to take care of anything that might have been removed

Note: if you don’t have HBC and you’re trying to do this, use an exploit like str2hax or Bannerbomb to install it first.