Rules for r/WiiHacks Users

If you have any issues with our rules, please ask us to discuss them with you through appropriate communication channels.

Wanting to debate our rules in a public forum while in violation of our rules won’t be taken well by our moderation staff.

Removal From the Community

We reserve the right to remove anyone from our community for any or no reason with no explanation on any platform we currently occupy.

We will correct misunderstandings, we will not argue how we enforce our rules. If you have an issue with it, please take it up with the platform management that you have the complaint on.

1. Be Civil

2. No Spam

3. No Piracy

4. No Low-Effort Posts

Removals, Kicks, Bans and Circumventing

  • Any rule violation can result in your post being removed, or you being banned depending on the context of the violation.
  • Continually violating a rule will get you banned.
  • All spambots will be banned permanently when found by a moderator.
  • Reddit’s policy on circumventing bans.
  • All bans, even perma-bans will be periodically evaluated. So no ban is truly permanent.

Terms Of Service

While you are on our platforms, you are expected to abide by that platform’s ToS.






  • If you have questions regarding the rules or bans, please feel free to message the moderators via Modmail on Reddit.