4. No Low-Effort Posts

Examples of unrelated posts:

  • If you cannot tell the post is related to the Wii by the title.
  • Any post that is not centered around the Wii.
  • Nintendo content not directly related to the Wii

All original content must be marked as such or linked back to the original artist.

Where to include source:

  • In the image itself.
  • In the comments of the post. For example: “Source: [link to artist]”

Where to mark as OC

  • In the title of the post. For example: “[OC] Wii Meme Be Meme!”
  • Leave a comment in the post. “This is my artwork, peeps!”


  • Meme templates are only allowed if they contain sufficient effort such as re-creating the template with Wii related media. Our minimum requirements ask that the meme should include Wii media used in a transformative or creative way and cannot contain watermarks (only submit memes you created)
  • Screenshots that are not outstanding or highly unusual are not allowed.
  • Images and memes that are edited to be on-topic are only allowed if they show high-effort through heavily altering or a very creative edit.
  • Artwork is also subject to a degree of low effort filtering.

Discussion Text Posts

Discussion posts must provide three key elements:

  • A clear and concise discussion statement or question.
  • Provide your point of view, whether you agree or disagree, and explain in as much detail as possible why you agree or disagree.
  • Additionally, the main focus of a text post should be a discussion and less either an opinion piece or a poll. Polls are discouraged but OK as long as they create a discussion.


Generally as a rule we don’t mind self-promotion if it adds to the community.

Are you doing something neat? Making reliable tutorials? Entertaining YouTube content? Wii game mods?

We want to hear about it.

All Self-Promotion must be pre-approved by modstaff.

Our Guidelines:

  • Does it promote discussion? (If you’re just posting a link and nothing else we will not approve it)
  • Is it a good quality? Is it unique, interesting, etc.?
  • We will also be looking at account history, if all you post is your own links then your content will not be approved.

No NSFW posts

NSFW posts are not allowed and are strictly prohibited. This includes comments.

Help Requests and Questions

Help requests are not allowed. Questions need to be directed to our Discord.


  • If you have questions regarding the rules or bans, please feel free to message the moderators via Modmail on Reddit.


Thanks to r/mariokart for some of the above.