About Us!

Our staff consists of a diverse skillset of Wii modding enthusiasts. Some of us are grade school students, some of us are professionals, some retired.

Our moderators rotate regularly as we take on new and old moderators move on to bigger and better things.

Our admin staff consist of people who have shown a continual vested interest in the community and have shown an in-exhaustible willingness to improve it.

About the Owner

The subreddit was created in 2010 by BloodyThorn to work as repository for knowledge for the emerging soft-mod scene for the Wii.

Between 2010-2018 the community was left mostly unmanaged due mainly to Thorn attending university.

In 2018, newly graduated from university with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Thorn started putting effort into the community again and …

… in 2019 with little else to do during the pandemic, Thorn and his partner Erin focused all their effort on growing the community’s presence in areas that we were trained in.