2. No Spam


This is one of our more simpler rules.

  • Bots that serve no real function and annoy users. We allow very few unsolicited posting bots. Bots that people activate, such as the ‘remindme’ bot, we usually leave alone.

  • Posts that are selling something or gratuitously advertising something.

  • Anything off-topic.

Self Promotion

Generally as a rule we don’t mind self-promotion if it adds to the community.

Are you doing something neat? Making reliable tutorials? Entertaining YouTube content? Wii game mods?

We want to hear about it.

We only ask that you;

  1. Don’t be gratuitous about it. If you’re release schedule is daily or at least less than weekly, you might consider a weekly or monthly digest.

  2. Don’t post the same thing more than once. A general rule of reddit.

  3. Don’t break our rules. Especially the piracy one.

What it boils down to is; if you read our rules, understand them, agree to follow them and reflect that in your content, there’s no need to ask the staff for approval.

We support you.