4. No Low-Effort Posts


We’re going to be honest here, this rule is a catch all for trash posts.

As the subreddit gained population the amount of inane and generally trashy posts to the subreddit increased.

To combat these, rule 4 was invented.

Because we volunteer help in the way of modding your Wii, we have a minimum requirement on the efforts you put forth in asking for help.

A posting asking for help that is hard to read, filled with spelling errors, bad grammar, poor formatting, gives little to no information on the OPs problem is less likely to get a response for help and might as well be trash posts.

Below are some guidelines to make sure your posts aren’t removed under this rule

Help Requests and Questions

Here is a list of helpful tips to make sure your question not only gets a response, but prevents it from getting removed by the moderators.

  • Needs to be Wii Related.

  • Needs to have an accurate and brief post title. The title must summarize the description contained in the body.

  • Needs to include as much relevant information regarding the issue as possible. Software used, syscheck, hardware used, what you have installed on your SD/USB, tutorials, in almost all cases. If any of these requirements requires you to violate rule #3, then please take your question to a community that will allow it.

  • Must be more than just a video or a picture. It needs a description.

  • Must not be hard to read. Walls of text, etc.

  • No “what do I do next?” questions. Please be specific.

  • “What software do you recommend?” posts will only be allowed if one hasn’t occurred recently. Search the subreddit.

  • Questions addressed by our recommended guide, F.A.Q., or DDG/Google search have a good chance of being removed.

  • Do not ask for someone else to do something for you.

  • Issues that have a high volume must include a detailed amount of information in them. Loader issues (Wiiflow, USB Loader GX, etc) belong in the weekly loader post.

Shitposts and Memes and Everything Else

  • Shitposts and memes on the subreddit are only allowed for a single weekend out of every month. Please check the community calendar for details. Otherwise, the best place for Memes and the like would be on our Discord.

  • Reposts are currently not allowed. Original posts only.