Staff Rules


Moderator rules are fully public and can be viewed by any user of r/WiiHacks. If you suspect that any moderator is in violation of a rule, please report it to the top active moderator.

One of our goals is to keep this forum enjoyable and available to as many people as we can. The following ruleset was created with that in mind.

We appreciate your help with /r/WiiHacks. The moderator position is voluntary, but with it there is some responsibility.

Top Active Moderator

The current top active moderator is /u/BloodyThorn.

If there is anything that needs immediate attention, please direct requests towards them.

If this changes the moderators and community will be notified.


  • Moderators are required to know the rules. They should be monitoring the Wiki for any changes so they can be kept up to date.

  • Please don’t idle as a moderator. Currently the only metric is that the admin staff has to be able to verify your level of involvement in the community. If they cannot, and you haven’t given a reason why you’re no longer participating, you’ll be removed from being a moderator. Notify an admin before becoming idle.

  • Do not use your status as a moderator to intimidate, threaten, garner or give favor.

  • If you are speaking/participating as a representative of this community, please make sure you are making an attempt to be helpful and pleasant. We want our patrons to have good experiences. Moderators at the center of patrons bad experiences will be noted.

  • Every moderator action you take that allows you to document, must be documented. Excessive actions with no documentation will get your mod removed. Actions like post removal need to be accompanied with an explanation to OP as to why their post is being removed at minimum.

  • While in the course of your duties, you will probably break rule #3. This is accepted. Making up for this, moderators are held to a higher standard for rule #1. Behaving in any way that would break rule #1 is unacceptable.

Questions or Concerns

If there are any questions are concerns send a modmail, the top active mod, or please direct them to /u/BloodyThorn as needed.