Posting Guidelines.

The wiki entry, and the stickied post are to remain in sync with this document.

Terms of Service

Before anything is said, realize that anytime you are participating on any of our multiple platforms, you are responsible for violating the platform’s Terms of Service. Anytime a staff member notices a violation of and of our platforms terms of service, it will be addressed. Illegal activity, bullying, etc.



  • Piracy violates everyone of our Platforms Terms of Service. We understand that the modding community and piracy are often intertwined, but in this case we do not allow it.
  • This includes giving or asking for sources for games or copy protected software, as well as discussion of the topic.
  • If you see someone asking for games, or posting game sites, or taking about piracy please report it.
  • It is not appropriate for anyone to warn another patron about the piracy rules. Report it.

Help Requests & Questions:

  • Search first. If you ask a question or have an issue that can be resolved via a subreddit search or DDG/Google search or if it is addressed in our F.A.Q., it’ll might be removed.

  • If you’re wondering where to start and are about to make a post to ask about it, please do not: The WiiHacks Wiki F.A.Q.

  • Your title should be brief and completely encompass your issue. Short titles that convey no information and long titles that give full histories and are hard to read might be removed.

  • Loader help is not allowed in the subreddit. Due to the volume of them, and the fact that they are all caused by the same four issues it will be removed. Loader help (USBLoaderGX, cfg-usbloader, WiiFlow, Nintendont, etc) should be handled in the pinned post, or more quickly on our Discord.

  • Post your syscheck as a link to a pastebin or some other medium. Posts that have syschecks in the body might be removed as they are hard to read.

  • If your post is removed for Rule #4, we suggest you read the rules before sending a ModMail or trying to post again.

Posting a Syscheck

Post Not Showing up?

  • If you post something that doesn’t show up, be patient. Questionable links need to be approved as well as everything new accounts posts. If you’ve waited what you consider a reasonable amount of time send a message to modmail.

Need to contact a moderator?

  • Modmail is the only accepted form of communication with the subreddit staff.

  • Don’t PM or chat request the moderators on subreddit related issues.