New Moderator Doc


This document contains all of the current management tasks by platform. Currently there are no designated monitors for these tasks, just whoever is available.

Feel free to take over, or discuss any of these with the admin staff to get a clearer picture or modify the way we handle these tasks

Also we’re very receptive to adding things our community provides. However labor must always be taken into consideration. A ‘feature’ of the community will only last as long as someone is willing to maintain it.


You can read the official help here.

Best thing a moderator can do on Reddit is engage with the community. Answer posts, create content, and make sure there are no rule violations.


The queues should be monitored periodically.

New posts should be examined, and approved or removed as necessary.

Posts that warrant removal should be removed and documented.

Best way to accomplish this:

  • Make sure the Mod Queue, the Reports queue, and the Unmoderated queue are empty and there is no work to be done in them.

  • Make sure everything in the spam queue is there for a reason and that reason is documented in the removal.


Engage with the community. On all platforms we’re judged by participation. Being an example of that helps out the community immensely.

Direct patrons to the proper channels for their activities.

Answer questions if you can in the #support-? channels.


These are mostly self-managing.

We do have a need for participation, and moderation during live streams. That’s about it at the moment.


The webhub is an open project. It has plans to contain some really neat features. Unfortunately we only have a single person working on them.

We are welcome to anyone who wants to help make it a more useful place.


If you have any questions or need any direction on the above material, please contact admin. For inquiries about the video content or the webhub, please contacy u/BloodyThorn.