Welcome to the Machine


Wow, first blog entry for the community. It’s finally getting big enough to where it’s easier to write a blog with our intentions in it than it is to keep telling people over and over.

The intention of this blog is to make sure the community has a way of knowing what the Staff is up to in changing and improving the community.

Hopefully these entries will be rather short, even when I am typing them, but to the point and informative.

Links to each platform is in the title.

Current Growth:


The subreddit itself is hitting 58k soon. It’s still steadily growing. Unfortunately there isn’t much left we can do on the reddit platform to improve things other than make adjustments to the traffic and activity. So that faucet will certainly be steering its course.

Currently the subreddit is the source of the bulk of our traffic, as it comes up as top searches in Google and DDG for Wii Modification. We’re currently using this to help route traffic to some of our other platforms such as Discord, YouTube, and Twitch.


We are just a few short of 1k subs, with regular purging for inactivity. The discord is slowly starting to have regular activity. Improvement is mainly spent in the areas of cleaning it up, making adjustments, and adding bot functionality to help people find information on modding their Wii


Needless to say this is where the bulk of my effort is currently being spent. We are releasing multiple videos a week as well as trying to maintain live streaming at least once or twice a week. We’re only at 120~ subs, but it’s growing steadily. We just recently upgraded our gear and setup to have more crystal video and less latency during our live streams.

We’re currently concentrating on gameplay videos, trying to center around Wii but branching off to Switch and PC gamaes, maybe eventually some other retro games as a little bird told me Erin has never played the original Zeldas (NES-SNES). Right now we try to pick games based on events, concentrate more on the popular titles and titles that are better received by the viewers.

So if you see a series start for a game you like, and we only make one or two videos, usually it’s because it’s not getting the view count of Mario Kart Wii, or Mario Party, etc.

Our current goal is to continue to build a back-library and reach monetization status. (1000 subs, 4000 watch hours)


Nothing big going on here. We’re currently using restream to stream to multiple platforms. When we stream to YouTube, it’s simulcast on Twitch. We also use Twitch for testing an informal streams. So if you think the amount of YT content we release isn’t enough, sub to the twitch too.

rWiiHacks Webhub

We just recently re-hosted with AWS, as we had people harassing the github that was storing the Wiki and my blog. Both of these have been moved to amazon, and are now hosted privately. The license on the Webhub has also changed. All content from here on is claimed ownership by Erin and my production company.

We’ve also changed from Jekyll to Mkdocs for our site builder.

On our webhub the content is slowly being improved and there are currently sections that have been disabled until it can be re-written. Expect added functionality to it very soon.

As far as my personal blog, it has a sparse amount of stuff, but my recent article got some attention, so you can expect a new entry very soon. It’s recently been moved back to www.bloodythorn.com.


YES! We now have a Patreon. It’s just starting, and we only have one 3 dollar tier. Currently there are no benefits to subscribing. We have plans to give subscribers voting rights on one video choice once a month, but we’re still working on that. Check back for more improvements!